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Saitek RX400 Playstation 2 ratti

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Racing Wheel for PS2 RX400 Saitek.

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Exciting PS2 – style Racing Wheel adds driving realism to all your favorite PlayStation 2 / PlayStation / PSone games!
The ultimate in racing excitement!
Equipped with 6 wheel – mounted buttons, centralized D – Pad, and Formula – 1 style shifters!
Includes sturdy, well – designed gas and brake pedals for the most true – to – life driving experience!
Offers all the gaming configurations you could want, including Digital, Dual Shock and NegCon!
Experience this amazing rumble technology – you’ll feel like you’re actually out on the road!
Want the greatest gaming freedom and flexibility ever?
Our extralong 10 – foot cable will do the trick!
Attaches securely to your desktop, or use the add – on piece for convenient laptop play – it’s your call!
So easy to connect and set up, so much fun to use – and compatible with PlayStation 2, PlayStation and PSone!


Paino 3,0 kg (kilogramma)
Mitat 32,0 × 32,0 × 28,0 cm (senttimetri)


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